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PACA Conveyor – Week of August 6, 2020
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As reported by Kallie Kline, PACA's Director of Member Services.
Thank you to our 2020 Membership for Your Continued Support
"During these crazy times."

"During these uncertain times."

"When we get back to the NEW normal."

These are just a few of the ongoing catch phrases that have bombarded us all this year. However, they are all so true. We are living in crazy, uncertain times this year. We will get back to normal, most likely, a new normal that sees some simple things we've taken for granted in the past change.

But, the one thing that has been consistent through it all is the overwhelming involvement and support of the PACA membership this year. And, those membership numbers, thankfully, continue to grow and remain strong.

This year, so far, we have added the following new members:

Producer Members

  • Development of Sharpsville Furnace LTD
  • Ligonier Stone & Lime Company / Bullskin Stone & Lime LLC
  • Martin Marietta
Associate Members

  • Active Minerals International, LLC
  • CME Engineering
  • GFP Mobile Mix Supply
  • Groff Tractor & Equipment
  • Minet Lacing Technology - North America
  • Supreme Manufacturing Inc.
Both a complete list of our members and a directory of our Associate member business partners is available on our website - A producer directory is currently under construction.

Thank you again for your continued support this year. As always, if you have any comments, suggestions, issues, problems we can assist with, etc.; our staff is here for you. Also, below, as a reminder, is information on just some of the benefits your company and your employees are entitled to as a member of this organization.

Stay safe and stay healthy, and, hopefully, we can all come together again soon.
PACA Annual Meeting to Move from Hershey to Virtual
COVID-19 strikes again - and again - and again. 2020 Summer Summit - canceled. 2020 Young Leaders Conference - canceled. And, now, the official announcement canceling the in-person 2020 Annual Meeting at the Hotel Hershey, originally scheduled for November 16-17, 2020.

After many discussions with representatives from Hotel Hershey, the current protocols in place for social distancing, attendance limits, and the importance of the safety and well-being of our members; it was the unanimous decision that the ability to provide the highest of standards typically set by both the Hotel and the Annual Meeting planning committee will not be feasible to hold an in-person meeting this year. The loss of the ability to interact and network one-on-one with our membership this year is truly disappointing and, hopefully, 2021, will bring us all back together face-to-face again.

We will, however, be bringing our membership together virtually for an Annual Meeting this year. We will be providing a General Membership Meeting / PACA Members Forum webinar on Tuesday, November 17th. Agenda will include updates on current initiatives, our board elections and more. Continue to watch for more information on this important membership meeting.

We will also be holding a general session online presentation. More information to come up on this as soon as final plans are made.
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PACA Board and Associate Board Seek Candidates for 2020 Election
Both the PACA Board of Directors and the Associate Board of Directors are seeking candidates for the 2020 election for a 3-year term from 2021 to 2023. Interested candidates should email their interest and qualifications to the appropriate staff liaison.

The PACA Board is open to any member producer of concrete, aggregates and/or cement only. The Associate Board is open to any supplier business partner that is a member of PACA.

Please note that the PACA bylaws state "one company, one vote," therefore if there is a representative from your corporate entity currently sitting on the either board, another candidate is ineligible to serve.

Deadline is August 21st to respond.

For the PACA Board, please send your nomination interest to Peter Vlahos.

For the Associate Board, please email Kallie Kline.
Environmental News
As reported by Josie Gaskey, PACA's Director of Environmental, Safety & Health.
Environmental News
Revisions to the Small Noncoal Surface Mining Permit Application
The PA DEP has revised the Small Noncoal Surface Mining Application. A July 2020 draft of a revised version of this permit application and instructions can be found here.

Please note there are some changes and expansions to this permit application, including clarifications and expansions of existing requirements, and additional requirements for Threatened and Endangered Species review and Distance Limitations with stream crossing requirements. This new version has been sent for publication internally at DEP and you should be seeing it online in a week or so.

Should you have any questions, contact Josie Gaskey.
Promotion News
As reported by Ken Crank, PACA's Director of Concrete Promotion.
Promotion News
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PACA Members, Working With Each Other For Each Other
When businesses choose to invest in joining an association it is because they hope that the investment made (dues, time) will provide value to their companies. A recent paving project in NEPA showed the benefits of membership in PACA and working within that membership.

The project, the placement of a 7" Roller Compacted Concrete entranceway, took place at Meshoppen Stone's facility in Susquehanna County.

Of note is the fact that seven PACA member companies were involved. The primary companies included Meshoppen Stone (owner), Masters Concrete (who supplied the concrete), and Wayne Companies dba Florida RCC (the placement contractor).

The companies in the materials and equipment supply chain included: Red Oak Sand & Gravel, New Enterprise Stone & Lime, Buzzi Unicem, BASF, Centre Concrete, and Cleveland Brothers.

This is one example of how our members can work together and reinforces their commitment to our association and our industry. As you move through your day to day operations please think about working with the companies that are members in PACA. It's a great investment for everyone.

A couple of pictures of the project are included with this article.
Promotion News
New Blogs Posted on
Our June and July blog posts are available on the SpecifyConcrete blog page. Each article's title is noted below. Just click on the link to be taken to the appropriate page.

If you have ideas for future blog posts, please contact Ken Crank.
Safety & Health News
As reported by Josie Gaskey, PACA's Director of Environmental, Safety & Health.
Safety & Health News
FMCSA Hours of Service Regulation Changes
On June 1, 2020, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published the Hours of Service (HOS) final rule revising the regulations that prescribe driving limits for commercial motor vehicle drivers. Drivers and carriers must operate under the HOS final rule starting on September 29, 2020, and not before.

PACA has partnered with the FMCSA Pennsylvania Division to provide a webinar where FMCSA representatives will discuss and explain the changes to the HOS regulations. This webinar will take place on August 19th at 9:00 a.m. Registration is below.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Josie Gaskey.
Safety & Health News
Masks and Oxygen and CO2 Levels
We share with you from OSHA’s COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions regarding the wearing of masks.

Does wearing a mask cause unsafe oxygen levels or carbon dioxide levels to the wearer?

Medical masks, including surgical masks, are routinely worn by healthcare workers throughout the day as part of their personal protective equipment (PPE) ensembles and do not compromise their oxygen levels or cause carbon dioxide buildup. They are designed to be breathed through and can protect against respiratory droplets, which are typically much larger than tiny carbon dioxide particles. Consequently, most carbon dioxide particles will either go through the mask or escape along the mask's loose-fitting perimeter. Some carbon dioxide might collect between the mask and the wearer's face, but not at unsafe levels.

Like medical masks, cloth face coverings are loose-fitting with no seal and are designed to be breathed through. In addition, workers may easily remove their medical masks or cloth face coverings periodically (and when not in close proximity with others) to eliminate any negligible build-up of carbon dioxide that might occur. Cloth face coverings and medical masks can help prevent the spread of potentially infectious respiratory droplets from the wearer to their co-workers, including when the wearer has COVID-19 and does not know it.

Some people have mistakenly claimed that OSHA standards (e.g., the Respiratory Protection standard, 29 CFR 1910.134; the Permit-Required Confined Space standard 29 CFR 1910.146; and the Air Contaminants standard, 29 CFR 1910.1000) apply to the issue of oxygen or carbon dioxide levels resulting from the use of medical masks or cloth face coverings in work settings with normal ambient air (e.g. healthcare settings, offices, retail settings, construction). These standards do not apply to the wearing of medical masks or cloth face coverings in work settings with normal ambient air). These standards would only apply to work settings where there are known or suspected sources of chemicals (e.g., manufacturing facilities) or workers are required to enter a potentially dangerous location (e.g., a large tank or vessel).
Technical News
As reported by Jim Casilio, P.E., PACA's Director of Technical Services.
Technical News
PACA/PennDOT Concrete Finisher Certification Program Receives National Notice
This past Friday, our NRMCA Concrete Finishers Certification Course was featured in a news brief on the front page of Equipment World’s website.

This news was picked up by Equipment World following the July 22nd PennDOT State Transportation Innovation Council Meeting (STIC). At this meeting, this initiative was confirmed the advancement.

At the core of this program is the requirement for all concrete finishers on a PennDOT project to be certified under this NRMCA program or as an ACI Flatwork Finisher by the end of 2021.

The NRMCA program has become the program of choice because:

  • The program focuses on reducing scaling and includes a performance section.
  • The NRMCA class offers a lifetime certification for those who complete it.
We have offered three of these classes to date with others being planned for this fall.

The benefits from this class are not limited to just those on PennDOT projects. This class is a chance for you to provide valuable education to your residential and commercial contractors.

This program has received great reviews from the finishers who have attended.

We depend on them for a lot and they are grateful for the opportunity to leave your facility with more knowledge about the material they work with every day.

If you wish to discuss hosting this one-day certification class, please contact Jim Casilio

A link to the Equipment World article is below.

PACA – Building and Connecting Communities