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PACA Conveyor – Week of April 1, 2021
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Environmental News
As reported by Josie Gaskey, PACA's Director of Environmental, Safety & Health.
Environmental News
DEP Presents Countywide Action Plans for the Chesapeake Bay Program
The DEP Water Resources Advisory Committee met on March 24, 2021 and included a presentation that was made by the DEP Director of the Chesapeake Bay Program.

In 2010, EPA established a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for the Bay to address various impairments within the Bay and set mandatory pollutant reductions necessary to meet EPA's TMDL goals by the year 2025. This is the link to the presentation.

Countywide Action Plans are plans that outline how each county’s share of the state’s 2025 pollution reduction goals will be met. EPA’s Chesapeake Bay Program has modeled Chesapeake Bay pollution sources including pollution entering Pennsylvania’s waterways and where it originates. Each Pennsylvania county in the watershed has its own goal to reduce its share of pollution. For specific information about your county, see this link and scroll down. Many of the plans include conserving an increasing amount of property acres. The Department is encouraging those counties with minimal ties to the watershed to construct Countywide Action Plans as well.

With respect to monitoring and data management, the following additional streams for which 2020 TMDLs have been developed have now been approved by EPA. These include:

  • Peters Creek (Lancaster County)
  • Cisna Run (Perry County)
  • Susquehecka Creek (Snyder County)
  • Pleasant Valley Run (Bedford County)
  • Imlertown Run (Bedford County)
  • Sweitzers Run (Union County)
  • Little Fishing Creek (Centre County)
  • Mummasburg Run (Adams County)

Additionally, there is ongoing monitoring at 77 water quality monitoring stations, with a super gauge station in Chiques Creek Watershed in Lancaster County.

And finally, .pdf page 18 of the above presentation link illustrates how much federal and state money is being spent on Chesapeake Bay restoration activities just for FY18, FY19 and FY20.

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Josie Gaskey.
Environmental News
SRBC Proposes Amended Rulemaking
In the March 26, 2021 Federal Register, the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) is proposing rulemaking that would amend their regulations to update the requirements and standards for review of projects, amend the rules dealing with groundwater withdrawals, and revise the regulatory triggers related to grandfathered sources. Efficiencies, reduced costs and regulatory clarity are the reasons given for this proposed rulemaking.

The proposed revisions also modify the aquifer testing requirements to include an Alternative Hydrogeologic Evaluation (AHE) process for certain new and existing projects and establishes where an aquifer test or AHE evaluation is not required.

As a companion to this rulemaking, the Commission is also releasing three policies related to groundwater reviews to be open for public comment simultaneously with this proposed rulemaking:

SRBC is also proposing revisions to update its regulations dealing with the triggers that lead to the loss of grandfathering, consumptive water use by the natural gas industry, the transfer of projects, as well as general updates to its project review application procedures.

Note that to comply with the SRBC’s priority of pursuing environmental justice initiatives, SRBC staff will conduct outreach on this proposed rulemaking “to maximize public awareness and participation in the rulemaking process by underrepresented communities.” To that end, SRBC will hold two informational webinars on April 6 at 6 pm (registration here) and April 14 at 2 pm (registration here).

Written comments are due May 17, 2021. Should you have questions, contact Josie Gaskey.
Promotion News
As reported by Ken Crank, PACA's Director of Concrete Promotion.
Promotion News
Environmental Product Declarations (EPD's) Webinar Scheduled for April 13th
An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a transparent, objective report that communicates what a product is made of and how it impacts the environment across its entire life cycle. A verified EPD can earn your products credits for LEED v4 and other green building rating systems.

Join our Presenter James Bogdan (National Ready Mixed Concrete Association) as he discusses Environmental Product Declarations (EPD's) and their implications on our industry and sustainable construction. This webinar will take place on April 13th and will begin at 11:00 AM.
Promotion News
We Hope to See You! - ICF Project Site Tour April 16th
Have high lumber prices got you rethinking what materials you will use for your next project?

Concrete buildings are quiet, durable, energy efficient, safe and resilient. Are they the answer for your next project? We hope you can spend some time with us at North Cornwall Commons to learn why the developer chose to build with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s). The site features a 5-story apartment building and is located in Lebanon, PA.

Please feel free to share this information with anyone who might benefit from attending.

If you have any questions, please contact Ken Crank.
Promotion News
Social Media Survey - NRMCA is Seeking Your Input
NRMCA’s Social Media Task Force has created a member survey to determine the social media needs of its members and state affiliates. The results of this brief survey will be used by the task force as a guide for developing webinars, training programs and additional resources to assist NRMCA members and its partners in initiating or improving their social media marketing efforts.

The survey takes less than four minutes to complete; companies that participate will receive a Social Media Starter Kit complete with a step-by-step guide to getting started, free resources and tools, and even some prepared posts that can be shared immediately. Respondents will also have the option to enter their e-mail address into a drawing for NRMCA promotional items and assorted prizes.
Promotion News
Did You Miss Our Concrete Promotion Webinar?
If you missed our recent concrete promotion webinar featuring Rory McCoy (Centre Concrete Company) and Jason Strohm (New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc.) you have an opportunity to watch it at your convenience. The 30-minute webinar focused on the concrete promotion efforts of both gentleman and how those efforts have benefitted their respective companies. NOTE: You will be asked to register to view the recording.
Meeting & Event News
As reported by Kallie Kline, PACA's Director of Member Services.
Meeting & Event News
Upcoming PACA Meetings / Events

April 13-14 - PACA Emerging Leaders Academy Session Three - Communicating with Intent and Purpose, Pittsburgh, PA

April 16 - Building with Insulated Concrete Forms Event, Lebanon, PA - REGISTER

April 28 - ACI Concrete Strength Testing Technician Certification Exam, Mechanicsburg, PA - REGISTER

April 29 - ACI Post-Installed Concrete Anchor Inspector Certification Exam - REGISTER


April 6 - PACA Members Forum Webinar with Guest Speakers YLDG Chair, Vice Chair - Brianne Hastings & Dan Ridenour - REGISTER

April 7 - PACA Executive Committee Meeting

April 13 - Environmental Product Declarations - What You Should Know Webinar with Kevin Bodgan, NRMCA - REGISTER

April 14 - PACA Board of Directors Meeting

April 22 - Digital Crisis Planning and Response with K&L Gates, LLP

April 27 - PACA Members Forum Webinar

April 29 - Managing Workplace Safety & Health in 2021 - REGISTER
Membership News
As reported by Kallie Kline, PACA's Director of Member Services.
Membership News
PACA Online Membership Directory - 2021 Edition - Coming Soon!
After successfully completing our 2021 membership renewal campaign, it is time to focus on highlighting those members who have stayed with us this year.

Please watch for future information on reviewing and updating your company's online profile, as well as, your company's personnel. By updating this information, your listing in the 2021 Membership Directory on PACA's website will reflect accurate information for web searches, product searches and more.

Stay tuned for more information coming your way!
Members in the News
Members in the News
As reported by Jim Casilio, P.E., PACA's Director of Technical Services.
Members in the News
PACA Members Present to an International Audience at the ACI Convention
Dan Schaffer with Lehigh Hanson and Bill Hagstotz, Jr of Castor Materials teamed up for a presentation on Portland Limestone Cement (PLC) at this week’s ACI convention. The title of their presentation was:

Greener Cement – The Launch of EcoCemPLC in Philadelphia

PLC Cement was one of the “hot topics” at this convention. Dan and Bill’s presentation was very well attended and well received. To download a copy of the presentation, please click on the button below.

We have selected PLC as the featured topic for one of our upcoming members forum. Recently the Portland Cement Association launched a dedicated PLC website, This website includes an easy to use calculator to measure carbon reduction based upon yardage per project or per producer. To access this website, please click here.
Members in the News
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