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The YLDG Spotlight
The YLDG Spotlight
Carolyn   Carolyn Fam
Producer Member Spotlight - Carolyn Speicher, P.E., New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc.
How many years have you been with NESL?


How many years have you been with PACA?


What is your Job Title?

Geo-Environmental Manager

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of the job is also some days my least favorite part of the job. That is that there are so many different parts to what I do. Between all the different DEP Departments and their permitting and inspections requirements and all of our property management, there are a lot of different things to keep track of. So most of the time that’s my favorite part even though sometimes it seems like a lot and becomes my least favorite for a little bit.

What did you want to be growing up?

Honestly, I don’t remember anything that really sticks out as being a major one from when I was little (except for being a princess). The career paths I was thinking about closer to college age were either engineer (which I picked) or architect.

What are you proud of?

I’m proud to be a part of the 5th generation ownership for New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc.

What is something many may not know about you?

I enjoy singing.

What else would you like to share?

My husband, Jeremy, and I have two energetic kids, Damien, 7, Alanna, 3.
The YLDG Spotlight
Weichsel Kerry   Weichsel Fam
Associate Member Spotlight - Kerry Weichsel, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.
How many years have you been with CEC?


How many years have you been with PACA?


What is your Job Title?

Project Manager I

What is your favorite part of your job?

Developing tools to streamline permitting and compliance tasks for my clients that I know will make their lives easier not only for this report, but for years to follow.

What did you want to be growing up?

Meteorologist, Engineer

What are you proud of?

My baby boy who is constantly growing, showing more personality, and learning new tricks (rolling J, pterodactyl screams… not so fun for mom & dad).

Also, pushing myself professionally, jumping on nearly any opportunity like working overseas, getting my PE licenses, and learning new things every day.

What is something many may not know about you?

While being a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan and a passionate Penn Stater, I’ve managed to live both in Ann Arbor, MI and now Pittsburgh, PA where I wear my teams’ proudly, including to the front row of the Michigan’s student section on a few occasions. My husband claims that I let the wins and losses of my football teams affect my day a little too much. He might not be wrong, but don’t know any other way.

What else would you like to share?

PACA YLDG is one of the best groups I’m involved with – it’s more than a great professional networking organization, it’s an opportunity to make fast friends.

Family Photo - Festive 4th of July Family Photo with me, Chris, and baby Hudson (who it too cool for all of us).
The YLDG Spotlight
Alpine1   Turkey1
Alumni Spotlight - Jonathan Kolbe, Allegheny Mineral Corp., a subsidiary of Snyder Associated Companies Inc.
How Many Years have you been with Allegheny Mineral Corp.?

17 years

How Many Years have you been with PACA?

14 years

What is your Job Title?

Vice President of Production

What is your favorite part of your job?

I enjoy leading and working with projects from start to completion. Quarry operations provide plenty of challenges while allowing you to get out from behind a computer screen.

What are three career lessons you have learned thus far?
    1. Honesty and accountability are dying character traits. Work to surround yourself with a team that can communicate honestly and with transparency. If someone on your team is incapable of meeting that standard, quickly remove them from the bus.
    2. I had a high school English teacher who used to say “your writing assignment is never done, it’s only due.” I feel the same way about company culture. It requires constant tweaking and modification to stay fresh and current. All the while, the easy solution is to ignore it and focus on quantifiable financials. Resist the temptation to avoid working on your company culture. It’s more important than you think.
    3. I hate to admit it and continually try to fight it, but I am in my 40’s. The cliché about your kids growing up fast is true. I can’t believe I have a high school freshman under my roof. Keep your priorities in check and maximize family time.

Share a YLDG Memory.

  • Late-night corn hole tournament outside the banquet room of Bedford Springs. Who knew those bags were so loud?
  • Penguin vs. Flyer games in the sports bar of Bedford Springs. Sometimes the Flyers are so bad, I almost feel sorry for Philly fans. Almost.
  • Impromptu get-togethers at Troegs before the Hershey Meeting. What better way to start a meeting.

When you are not working, what do you enjoy doing?

I have found that most of my non-working time is spent as a volunteer Uber driver to soccer and swim practices for our boys; Matthew (14), Aaron (11), and Micah (7). Like most parents of young kids, Meghan and I spend a lot of our time dividing and conquering our kid's hobbies. However, I do enjoy hunting and fly fishing, both of which my oldest two boys have discovered. It has been a joy to spend time introducing them to sports that take us outdoors and deep into nature. When the days wind down, I never turn down diving into a good bottle of wine.

Anything else you would like to share with the YLDG community?

To those who are on the fence about joining the young leader group: I listed a few of the memories that still make me chuckle, but the list is much longer. The relationships that you make will last the duration of your career. And more importantly, you will create more than industry contacts, you can form industry friendships that will help you grow professionally and make the stone industry stronger.

Picture 1 - Family hike in Beaver Lake, Co. Picture 2 - Matthew's Long Beard Harvest. Picture 3 - Aaron's First Buck.
YLDG Events - Past, Present & Future
YLDG Events - Past, Present & Future
YLDG Leadership and Team Building Conference Speaker Spotlight
PACA’s YLDG Leadership and Team Building Conference has always strived to further the bonds of our young leaders and present learning opportunities to all who attend through keynote speaker sessions. This year we will have two speaker sessions encompassing leadership tools, skills, and strategies to help you further development. I had the privilege of discussing these topics and having some Q&A with both speakers prior to our conference. Compiled here are the fruits of these conversations.

Session #1: Jennifer Hayes-Housel

Our session one speaker is Jennifer Hayes-Housel. Jen is a Gallup CliftonStrengths coach and will be facilitating the CliftonStrengths assessment for top 5 themes and helping us to examine what they mean about ourselves. 90% of Fortune 500 companies have used the Strengths process to maximize positive impact and boost profits. Individuals, partners, families, and teams gain awareness of and appreciation for differing and complementary ways to achieve success.

Jen remarked that the real benefit to the Strengths process is that it really gives you the tools to be a better human – truly becoming your best self! Often differences in others that can be seen as troublesome or stubborn can be realized to just be a difference in how each think and value their strengths. With this awareness and understanding comes the appreciation for these differences, and ultimately full-blown intent to have teams comprised of individuals with diverse Strengths.

Question & Answer

  1. What led you to become a Gallup CliftonStrengths coach? - I was introduced to CliftonStrengths early in my role as a Director in the Diocese of Scranton, in 2018. I immediately became what Gallup calls a Strengths Enthusiast, someone who sees the potential in the process and enjoys learning about and using Strengths. After two years of working with CliftonStrengths more informally and continuing to witness its positive value, I became officially trained and certified as a Gallup Strengths Coach in 2020.
  2. Tell us about the development/value of CliftonStrengths? - CliftonStrengths grew out of Donald Clifton’s work in positive psychology. His research focused on what people did well, rather than the more typical path of focusing on what was problematic. The Strengths Assessment grew out of his research into talent and excellence, and the first version was offered through Gallup in 1999. To me, the most basic value offered through CliftonStrengths is an awakened or renewed appreciation for our own strengths, as well as the strengths of those we encounter. No one is good at everything, but everyone is good at something. This is a research-backed tool that is highly accessible. Depending on the person, partnership, or team using the Strengths process, it can lead to a more engaged and focused approach to a career, to better understanding and appreciation between a couple or amongst a family, or it can lead to a more highly performing team - a team that has learned to better collaborate by leveraging everyone’s most powerful talents.
  3. Do you see specific characteristics for successful leaders? - Gallup has done a lot of research around successful leaders. Some of Gallup’s findings in reference to leaders and CliftonStrengths are: 1. A successful leader knows his or her own strengths and surrounds him or herself with people who are strong in the areas where the leader is weak. And 2. No particular CliftonStrengths Theme ranking is required to be a successful leader. Instead, a successful leader works to leverage his or her Top Themes in developing a uniquely effective leadership style.
  4. How can individuals and companies get most value from the CliftonStrengths assessment tool? - Regular reflection and continued learning are recommended to get the most benefit from CliftonStrengths. An initial reading of your CliftonStrengths Report or participating in a single workshop are simply starting points. Gallup is a research organization and so offers an enormous amount of information relating to Strengths: webinars, podcasts, articles, etc. Additionally, periodic Strengths Coaching for individuals, partners, or teams is another way to continue to expand the power of this process.
  5. Tell us about yourself (family, career, hobbies, etc.)! - I graduated from Swarthmore College with a degree in Psychology and later earned a master’s degree in Theology from the University of Scranton. For most of my career I’ve worked in non-profits, and I have always been service driven. It’s been a defining desire in my life, to work to improve people’s lives. [From a Strengths perspective, that would be my Achiever (#1) working in conjunction with my Connectedness (#5) and Belief (#8).] I’ve been married for 24 years and have two children. For fun I love to read and am an avid Audible listener, with a penchant for Fantasy (think Lord of the Rings). Fitness is important to me, and part of my best day is paddleboarding on the lake or going for a long walk on one of the rural roads in Northeast PA.

Session #2: Gary Rupert

Our session two speaker is Gary Rupert. Gary was a music educator for 40 years and was most recently the Band Director at Smithsburg High School in Smithsburg, Maryland, which is where I first met Mr. Rupert as a student. Leadership is a position. Leading is an action. Emerging leaders are encouraged to start where they are, use the skills they currently possess and do what they can to influence others in moving forward. Leadership is a choice you make, not a place you sit. We will explore the stages of influence and identifying leadership opportunities. Through this, we will learn to identify, encourage, and support emerging leaders.

It took me years to realize that Mr. Rupert did not just teach music, but rather used music as a tool to mentor and teach leadership. In the beginning of his career, he realized that he needed to “get out of his own way,” as he describes it, and realize that it wasn’t necessarily about the what or the how of his teachings, but rather the why. By serving the needs of his students and others, the natural consequence was that he too benefitted. The importance of true relationships became a common theme in our conversation as an indication of the quality of interactions with others.

Question & Answer

  1. What influences drove you to coaching leadership? - When I became an educator, I recognized that too many teachers were focused on the “what” and “how,” but few, if any, ever addressed the “why.” I understood that “why” is the most critical question. Life must be lived intentionally. How does a leader get their people to go if they don’t have any idea where they are going?
  2. What do you find to be the biggest challenge in mentoring leaders? - When mentoring people who already hold a leadership position, I have found that they assume past success automatically leads to future success. Often, they are unwilling to acknowledge that they need support. With emerging leaders, there are two major hurdles, The first is their belief that leadership comes from people of position. The second is they lack the confidence to lead from within. In both the case of people who are already in a leadership position AND the emerging leader, they only recognize the importance of leadership skills, but not leadership character.
  3. What do you see as “the Golden Rule,” regarding leadership? What traits do you find most valuable? - Leadership is about influence through service to others. Leadership is a role, but leading is an action. The action is not about standing on the mountain and looking down at others but creating a culture in which your people can stand on the mountain alongside of you.
  4. If you could go back and do it all again, what would you do differently? - I would not change anything. My life’s experiences have brought me to where I am today. In truth, I can’t go back…don’t want to go back…need to move forward. I must acknowledge the lessons of my past and use them to propel me forward.
  5. Tell us about yourself (family, career, hobbies, etc.)! - I have two sons: Chad and Jeremy. These days my hobbies are running and going to the gym. As for my career, I currently am a Culture Strategist and Coach for II:Leaders Creating:II Leaders, as well as a Mentor for LCL Mentors @ Marching Arts Education. I am sought-after as a speaker on leadership, motivation and creating a positive learning environment. As a music educator, my bands consistently achieved Superior ratings at local, state, and national levels. (I) have been named an Outstanding Maryland Music Educator, a Teacher of Excellence in both the Frederick and Washington County public schools and has been twice nominated as a Disney Teacher of Excellence and am sought-after as a conductor and adjudicator in the areas of symphonic bands and jazz ensembles. (I) am an avid blogger, whose daily entries are followed by people in over 57 countries and am the author of a daily inspirational book for students and teachers, "Today, No Every Day."
YLDG Events - Past, Present & Future
There is Still Time to Register for the PACA Young Leaders Conference - Record Attendance Already!
While the discount rates have now expired, that does not mean that registration for the PACA Young Leaders Development Group's (YLDG) Leadership and Team Building Conference in Bethlehem has closed. The registration will officially close on September 24th.

PACA's YLDG Conference is for any PACA member company employee ages 40 and under - or those who have attended past YLDG events, but have surpassed the age of 40. The conference is scheduled to take place on September 29-30 at the Wind Creek Hotel and Casino, Bethlehem, PA.

We are pleased to announce that we have already hit record attendance for this event with over 50 people attending! We want to see those numbers continue to grow, so consider registering today.

The agenda includes the following presentations:

Session One:

How to Use Gallup’s CliftonStrengths to Benefit Your Career and Your Team’s and Organization’s Success

Speaker – Jennifer Hayes Housel

90% of Fortune 500 companies have used the Strengths process to maximize positive impact and boost profits. Individuals, partners, families and teams gain awareness of and appreciation for differing and complementary ways to achieve success. Learn how you can leverage this tool to bring a powerful strengths-based approach to your career, your family, your team and your organization.

Session Two:

Leading From Within the Pack

Speaker – Gary Rupert

Leadership is a position. Leading is an action. This presentation will encourage emerging leaders to start where they are, use the skills they currently possess and do what they can to influence others in moving forward. Attendees will learn that leadership is a choice you make, not a place you sit. We will explore the stages of influence and identifying leadership opportunities. And, we will learn to identify, encourage and support emerging leaders.

A significant piece of the mission and purpose of the YLDG is community service, allowing more time for team building and camaraderie while helping the local area or a local charity. This year, following breakfast on day two, the group will head to several local parks in the Bethlehem area to clean up, assist with some fixing up and more.

If all this doesn't entice you to register or to register your employees to participate, how about the opportunity to mix, mingle and spend time with colleagues, PACA staff and our Chairman of the Board, Bob Housel, Masters RMC, Inc.

Register TODAY!
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