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PACA E-Alert – Protect New Highway Funding
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Protect New Highway Funding & the Solvency of the HTF
The following alert was sent to PACA by the National, Stone, Sand & Gravel Association. We are asking our members to participate and help by sending a letter.

Last week, a group of moderate Democratic Senators introduced legislation that would suspend collection of the federal gas tax that funds our federal surface transportation programs. NSSGA has learned these Senators are seeking to include their proposal in the government spending measure that is actively being compiled before the March 11 funding deadline. NSSGA and industry partners have strong concerns with any proposal that weakens the highway trust fund (HTF). We sprang into action to oppose the hastily crafted measure, sending this letter to the Hill voicing our concerns.

Time for Action:

NSSGA Members: We ask you to reengage with your contacts on Capitol Hill and send a letter to urge them to oppose the gas tax holiday legislation. We have updated our grassroots tool related to the appropriations package to reflect this news. Even if you have sent a letter previously, we ask you send another letter to your lawmakers. Now is the time for the aggregates industry to make its voice heard!

Additional Resources:

Even though key Senators have expressed reservation about including a gas tax holiday in the end of fiscal year package, we must continue to stay engaged to ensure the misguided legislation is not adopted. Below are additional resources to learn how NSSGA has been working on this issue:

• NSSGA Letter: Read our letter

sent to Hill offices voicing concern with proposals for the gas tax holiday.

• NSSGA Statement: Read our press statement issued by NSSGA President and CEO Michael Johnson.

• Social Media: Help us amplify NSSGA social posts on the topic or feel free to draft your own and tag @NSSGA and #RocksBuildAmerica.

The NSSGA team has been working diligently on these issues and your engagement and support is critical. For any questions on this update, please contact the GARA team.
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