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PACA E-Alert – PennDOT Funding At Stake – Take Action on State and Federal Funding Campaigns
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Ask Your Representative to Co-Sponsor the PAVE Act Today!
The PAVE Act would provide needed funds to state DOTs

Rep. Conor Lamb (PA) along with Reps. Bob Gibbs, and Salud Carbajal have introduced the Providing Assistance for Vital Enhancements (PAVE) Act, which would set aside much-needed funds for state Departments of Transportation (DOTs), who have lost billions in dedicated revenue as a result of the pandemic’s economic impact. NSSGA issued our public statement of support.

The National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA) led the charge to secure $10B in federal pandemic funds for state DOTs last year, which is still short of the projected billions of dollars state DOTs will absorb over the next four fiscal years. The PAVE Act would set aside an additional $18B for state DOTs and would help these agencies maintain previously-forecasted work for critical local road, highway and bridge improvements.

The House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee (T&I) aims to introduce, markup and pass their surface transportation reauthorization bill before the Memorial Day Weekend, and NSSGA has worked with both T&I majority and minority staff to incorporate this critical issue in their highway bill.

We need your help to secure additional co-sponsors as we hope to reiterate this urgent and bipartisan infrastructure need to T&I Chairman DeFazio and Ranking Member Graves. Please contact your Representative today and ask them to support the PAVE Act, H.R. 3201 today!
Time for Action - Rescue PA Roads Grassroots Campaign
We need to do some heavy lifting to rescue the Motor License Fund (MLF). We have watched since the passage of Act 89 of 2013, the draining of gas tax revenue to fund the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) operations while the PSP funding from the General Fund has remained static. We are not questioning the mission of the Pennsylvania State Police to protect our Commonwealth's citizens. We simply request that a greater burden for the PSP's operations are paid from the General Fund approved by the General Assembly every year.

Due to COVID-19, the largesse of the federal government has presented us with this one time opportunity - even if it is as a short-term solution - to shift the PSP burden away from the MLF and onto the General Fund by using the more than $5 Billion sitting in the Harrisburg bank courtesy of Washington, DC. This window will close when the 2021-2022 state budget is approved and some say as early as mid-June.

The Governor and members of the General Assembly must hear from us. Some would say that our ask to invest some of the $5 Billion to free up the MLF is self-serving. Those some people will need to be reminded that we are a heavy duty payer into the system and our businesses depend on a reliable transportation network to deliver our products.

Please take the less than a minute to use the link courtesy of our partners at the Associated Pennsylvania Constructors to share your voice with the Governor and your legislative representatives. And the more the merrier, so share with your colleagues, friends and family. A dependable, reliable and well funded transportation network in the Commonwealth is about economic development and the health and safety of our employees and our families!

Please contact Peter Vlahos with any questions.
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